What is your repair service policy?


As a manufacturer, Lusso are pleased to offer a FREE repairs service to items purchased directly on our website. We are able to patch up garments using the original materials to give your clothing a new lease of life. It is part of our sustainability measures meaning less clothing waste ends up in landfill.

*Please note this service only applies to items purchased directly through our website within our 1 year warranty period. Items bought through a retailer or are outside of warranty are still possible to be repaired at an additional fee. None genuine Lusso products/ other brands are excluded from this service. Please make sure all items are freshly washed before returning.

What is the process?


  1. Contact us with your order number, a picture of the affected area and a brief description of the problem.
  2. A member of our customer service team will preliminary examine the photo and determine wether a repair is possible and if it is worth sending it back to us.
  3. If it is, great! We will send you details of how to return the garment to us. Please wash the damaged item before sending it back to us and include a copy of the information sent in step 1.
  4. A member of our production team will then give the item a final examination to make sure we are able to perform a successful repair that will be durable and restore the product back to its original condition.
  5. Following a successful repair the good as new garment will be sent back to the original delivery address free of charge.


What are examples of items you can repair?


We can sew up or patch over ripped fabric wether it has been caused by an unfortunate crash, accidentally damaged or snagged on something. This process is quick and we aim to have your treasured garment back to you and back on the road again in no time. We can also replace zips that have become damaged or no longer function properly. However, items listed below are excluded from this service:

Sublimation printed short & long sleeve jerseys, socks and summer gloves.

 *Please note whilst Lusso makes every effort to restore items back to their original condition, sometimes the original fabrics may not be available and so there may be slight adjustments in colour matching and material used. If the damaged area is excessive we may not be able to perform a lasting fix and the repair will be rejected. Similarly we are unable to repair products that have enjoyed a long and well-worn life, or have been cut off by paramedics. We aim to complete repairs within 2-4 weeks.

When using our free repairs service it is the customers responsibility to return the goods to us safely. This includes the cost of shipping and any insurance to cover damage/ loss in transit ( Lusso is not liable to cover any damage/ loss in transit and sending without insurance is done so at the customers risk). We will send out repaired garments to the original delivery address using our standard delivery service at a cost of £3.99.

If the product is outside of its warranty period and the customer would still like a repair to be completed, the following charges apply:

Zip replacement: £20

Small patch: £15

Large patch: £20

Pad replacement: £25