Weekend Warriors, we salute you!

Weekend Warriors, we salute you!

by Stephen Turner on Feb 20, 2023

An ode to the weekend cyclist: A True Champion of Balance and Perseverance


Cycling is a passion for many, but for the weekend cyclist who also raises a family and has a full-time job, it's much more than that. These cyclists are the epitome of balance and perseverance, juggling multiple responsibilities while still finding time to pursue their passion…

You are multitasking experts. you balance your work, your family, and your personal goals in order to make the most of every ride. You do it all with grace, never letting one aspect of your life suffer because of another.

You are a testament to the power of dedication. You understand the importance of exercise and healthy habits, and you will make time for cycling even when it's not the most convenient option. Whether you’re up early on a Saturday morning or out after dinner on a Sunday evening, you’re always pushing yourself to do your best.


You’re a heck of a role model. you show your children and partner that it's possible to have a full and balanced life, while still making time for what you love. You might inspire a generation to strive for cycling nirvana or you might make your eldest think about cycling to school instead of relying on you for a lift.

You are truly resilient. You know that life can be hectic, but you never let that stop you from pursuing your passion. Whether it's a flat tire, a work deadline, or a sick child, you always find a way to make it work. Your determination and perseverance is truly inspiring.

You are a true example of balance and perseverance. You’re multitasking experts, dedicated to your passion, excellent role models, and truly resilient. 

So the next time you see a weekend cyclist out on the road, take a moment to appreciate all that they've accomplished and all that they represent. These cyclists are true champions of the sport and of life itself.