Behind the Seams pt I: Lusso government case study

Behind the Seams pt I: Lusso government case study

by Jake Wright on May 31, 2023

A few things have been happening as of late behind the seams... (pun intended)

We've been working with Made Smarter, a Uk government initiative that helps manufacturing businesses look into new technologies that will help their processes.

The answer? digitisation. No, we aren't talking about AI taking over, far from it! We're looking to increase efficiency, boost productivity and create new jobs right here in Manchester.

We are doing this by creating digital templates of all the different products that we make. Currently, all our templates, or patterns as we like to call them, have been hand drawn on pattern paper and stored in our factory. (You can see me holding one in the photo!) This allows us to make fine tweaks to the patterns shape, checking all seam lengths to the .001 of a millimetre and ensuring all garments fit perfectly. It also allows us to input human body measurements and create custom fitted clothing with a really quick turn around, something we are hoping to launch in the near future.

These digitised files are then inputted into a computer database which our brand spanking new cutting machine can then read and cut out the panel pieces with supreme accuracy. 

All of this might not sound interesting to you, but it means we can increase production capacity and continue to deliver on value and quality.

Read all about it here on the government website.