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Back in March this year we ran a competition to alleviate the boredom of lockdown, which in itself feels like a lifetime ago! The task was simple: Design a jersey. We received hundreds of responses and were overwhelmed with the talent and creativity that went into them, but ultimately there could only be one winner. 

That person was Paul Grosso.

Paul lives in New York and heard about the competition via our instagram page.  Although he may live over 3,000 miles away, he clearly did his homework. There are so many intricate details that went into his design that tie the heritage of Lusso together, and aptly named his creation the "Manchester Luxe". We asked Paul a few questions about what inspired him.

Manchester luxe broken "s"

How did you decide on the final colour scheme?

“I started the design trying to find a color that worked well for both men and women and would work with black and navy bibs/tights, so I chose a wine color for the base. However, it felt a bit too dark, so I wanted to bring in a subtle texture to add some brightness without overpowering the base. I loved the double S's in the LUSSO logo and decided to work on a pattern that incorporated those letters. It eventually became that chain pattern of interlocking "S" shapes that fit nicely into the design.”

 Manchester luxe vibrant background

Zip Flap

Although some of you may recognise this pattern, most of you won’t realise it was the flag of Greater Manchester. Created in 1974 and relinquished in 1986, 4 years after Lusso was born. It contains 10 castles each of which represents a borough of the county. The red bricks are a nod to the deep industrial heritage of Manchester and the “cottonopolis” of the past… Or present in our case!

“The jersey was coming together, but I wanted to add in some historic significance to Manchester and also reference the LUSSO Headquarters. I loved the way the gold and wine complemented each other, so that flag pattern became the zipper flap and is a bright accent that's revealed when the jersey is unzipped.”

 castle field draw bridge


 Type 53.5662ºN -2.3135ºS into google maps and you’ll be directed to our Manchester headquarters. You’ll find them in the neck collar and below the rear pockets. It’s a subtle touch, but one that you won’t miss.

“I also worked in the GPS coordinates of the LUSSO Headquarters as a fun easter-egg for people to find. I'm very happy with the design, and the entire experience!  Thank you Lusso for this amazing opportunity!”

You can purchase the jersey here

Paul Grosso in Times Square

Paul Grosso in Times Square, New York