Our upgraded Perform Carbon Bib Shorts

Our upgraded Perform Carbon Bib Shorts

by Megan Seddon on Feb 29, 2024

Our Upgraded Perform Carbon Bib Shorts: The Epitome of Cycling Comfort and Performance

Our upgraded Perform Carbon Bib Shorts, setting the standard for cycling comfort, performance, and sustainability. After rigorous testing and glowing reviews, including being dubbed "Best on Test" by Cycling Weekly and earning an impressive 9/10 rating from Road.cc (the logo issue has been fixed; we promise), these bib shorts have solidified their place as a staple in every cyclist's wardrobe.


Award-Winning Excellence

The reviews speak for themselves. Reviewed by Cycling Weekly and awarded "Best on Test" in issue 19 dated 11/05/2023, our Perform Carbon Bib Shorts have been recognized for their unmatched quality and performance. Additionally, Road.cc awarded them a 9/10 rating, further cementing their reputation as one of the top choices for cyclists worldwide. Moreover, being featured in Road.cc's Recommended Cycle Clothing of the Year 2023/2024 awards underscores their exceptional standing in the cycling community; they're everything you could want in a Bib Short.


Elevating Performance with Sustainability

Our crowd-pleasing Carbon V2 bibs have undergone a remarkable upgrade, setting new standards in sustainability and durability. While maintaining the classic Carbon fit, feel, and performance that cyclists have come to love over the last 5 years, we've integrated recycled materials into the fabric, proving our commitment to environmental responsibility.

The innovative mesh bib top, crafted with improved fibre content, offers enhanced breathability, softness, and durability. With a higher polypropylene content, the mesh is lighter, softer, and more resilient than ever before, making it the perfect companion for your daily rides. Its superior moisture-wicking properties keep you dry and comfortable even during the most demanding sessions.


Unmatched Comfort and Stability

Our Perform Carbon Bib Shorts are designed with your comfort and stability in mind. The extra-wide grippers, woven with silicon directly onto the fabric, provide unparalleled stability during your toughest rides, ensuring a secure fit and freedom of movement.

Paired with our Perform chamois pad, now made from recycled materials, these bib shorts offer an exceptional level of comfort and support. Whether you're embarking on an endurance ride or tackling challenging terrain, our Perform Carbon Bib Shorts will keep you feeling fresh mile after mile.


A New Standard in Cycling Apparel

Our upgraded Perform Carbon Bib Shorts are the epitome of cycling innovation. With recycled fabrics, a new mesh bib top, extra-wide grippers, and a Perform chamois pad, they embody our commitment to quality, performance, and sustainability.

Experience the difference for yourself and elevate your cycling journey with our Perform Carbon Bib Shorts. Join the countless cyclists who have already made them their go to choice for comfort, performance, and style.


Ride on with confidence and comfort - choose Perform Carbon Bib Shorts.

Order yours today and discover the ultimate in cycling performance.