Paragon Seamless Bib Shorts

Introducing our PARAGON Seamless Bib Shorts: The Ultimate Fusion of Performance and Comfort

Unlock unparalleled comfort and speed with our PARAGON Bib Shorts, meticulously crafted to redefine your cycling experience. Designed to be more than just another pair of bibs, see all features below.

Experience a second-skin feel like never before with our seamless design. Say goodbye to pressure points and sausage legs as the seamless construction ensures a smooth and comfortable fit, allowing you to focus solely on your ride.

The seamless treatment extends to the straps, providing a snug yet comfortable fit. With even pressure distribution and lightweight perforated straps, you'll enjoy enhanced breathability and unrestricted movement throughout your ride. Reinforced with a silicon bib strengthener, these straps add both style and functionality to your cycling gear.

Paired with our Floating Paragon pad, these bibs deliver unmatched comfort and support, whether you're tearing up the racing scene or embarking on an all-day epic adventure. Designed to provide optimal cushioning and moisture management, the chamois pad ensures a smooth ride from start to finish.

Crafted from recycled fibers, our bib shorts boast a luxuriously soft and ultra-stretchy fabric with a remarkable 35% elastane content. This superior material not only offers exceptional flexibility and durability but also contributes to sustainability efforts, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Highlight of Key Features

  • Seamless design for ultimate comfort
  • Ultra-light construction for enhanced performance
  • Stretchy second-skin feel for unrestricted movement
  • Durable and long-lasting materials for extended wear
  • Perforated and lightweight straps for improved breathability
  • Luxuriously soft, recycled fabrics for sustainability
  • Cross-over style reinforced brace for added support
  • Floating Paragon chamois pad for superior comfort and protection

The buzz around our Paragon Seamless Bib Shorts

"Very quickly the Paragon bibs have became my go to shorts.
They were deceptively comfortable and the material gave a very luxurious feeling. Plus, the low front/rear and the perforated area towards the knee seemed to help keep overheating down."

"Ordered the new Paragon bib shorts came on time used first time out on 140k mountain day perfect!"

"After several days grinding up endless long climbs I experienced much much less irritation in the undercarriage than would be usual. Nothing in fact.
So, all in all the Paragons are a great success and I will have no hesitation in recommending them to others."

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