John Harrision Race Winner

John and Dorothy Harrison formed Lusso and began trading in 1982.

Prior to forming Lusso, John rode International Cycling Events in both Europe and USA.
He was very disappointed with the lack of comfort of all cycle wear at that time. The Jerseys seemed to get hotter and hotter as the race wore on and then began to sag and turned into very ill fitting items by the end of a race. The baggy wool acrylic shorts featured a chamois leather that wasn’t at all comfortable, which also had a negative effect when riding regularly.

Between training and working part time, John attended night school studying Fabric Technology and Design. It was at this point he started experimenting with fabrics and design to address the issues he believed contemporary cycle wear suffered at the time.

You could say that John and Dorothy meeting was synchronistic, as Dorothy was a member of an elite Marks and Spencers test team. M&S at this time only worked with quality materials and designs which lead to high customer satisfaction and very low returns. Dorothy worked in the team as a sample machinist on stretch fabrics, including swimwear and underwear. Her understanding of the importance of each garments stretch and correct stitch length to the inch, the thread for different applications and considering comfort and range of movement with close fitting garments really lent itself to this new joint venture.

Since 1982 we have been developing our product year on year to be better and better, incorporating new designs and fabrics to provide the latest contemporary designs that perform at the very highest level. We are famed for our superb fitting shorts in particular and we have a large loyal following from those in the know.